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Volunteer projects you can do anywhere.

The Story

Kynd Kits are a program of Project Helping. We are a nonprofit with the mission of improving mental wellness through Kyndfulness.

In addition to KyndKits, we host over 600 annual, in-person volunteer experiences. We also have an online community called KyndHub.

When you purchase KyndKits, 100% of the proceeds support our nonprofit mission. Thanks for being here!

With Kyndness, The Project Helping Team

Corporate Programs

We offer Kynd Kit programs for companies of all sizes.

Check out our Corporate Programs Page to learn more.

Introducing Kynd Kit +

A Kynd Kit With More Impact

Kynd Kit + is just like the original, but with more builder interaction and more impact for the recipient. Our first kit in this line is a Teacher Appreciation Kit. Order one now, or add it to your bundle in the One Time Order builder. 



KyndKits are volunteer projects that can be delivered to your home or office. Get a kit monthly or place a one time order. Your kit includes 100% of the supplies you need to complete the project.


When your kit arrives, open it up, follow the instructions and make an impact! You can do it at home, at the office, or at your special event. Everything you need to make your impact is included in the kit. 

Place Your Order

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The New Kynd Kiosk

It's like a vending machine for Kynd Kits.

Always have Kynd Kits available for your team. Place a kiosk in your office break room or shared space. Stock it with Kynd Kits and encourage your employees to make an impact every day.