Kynd Bar


Introducing: The Kynd Bar



The Kynd Bar provides a fun twist to the in-office volunteer experience. The Kynd Bar comes stocked with as many Kynd Kits as your company needs, and a Project Helping employee will be there to help set up the bar and lead the volunteer experience. 



Research shows that volunteering has both mental and physical health benefits. Each time an individual completes a KyndKit, they are not only improving the life of a community member, but they are also improving their own mental health.



    • The Kynd Bar can come with as many kits as desired.
    • The Kynd Bar size fits perfectly in an area such as a break room, cafeteria, or conference room.
    • Because the kits are pre-paid, employees have access to take a mental health break at any point during the experience.
    • A Project Helping employee will come to help make the experience as fun as possible.
    • When employees are done completing the kits, we will distribute them for you OR you can distribute them yourselves!
    • Choose as many kits as you want to fill the Kynd Bar. 
      • Some examples are: 
        • chemo care kits
        • homeless dignity kits
        • military gratitude kits
        • kits for children in the foster care system
      • See all available kits HERE




One-time Kynd Bar Fee: $250
Each Kit: $11

Example: Kynd Bar experience ($250) with 50 kits ($11 each) = $800

*If you order 100 kits or more, the One-time Kynd Bar fee will be waived.